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    A custom business site, a corporate portal, or an e-commerce store powered by Danols means a project that has Django grade security, is visually modern, has mobile platform support and through expertise is:

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Web Development the Danols Way

Today's web design ought to be called web engineering as it is a multifaceted and complex field. The web you experience today, from email to Wikipedia, Facebook to YouTube -even this site, all require an interconnected and constantly evolving eco-system of technologies to exist.

It all begins with an idea! One that is planned, discussed and then carefully thought out. It is then diligently translated into server side languages such as PHP, Python/Django, or SharePoint (the language you don't see). Following that, the code base is deployed on web servers such as apache or nginx.

These servers in turn produce out client side JavaScript+HTML+CSS combo instructions (the language you do see) and deliver it over the internet using HTTP(S).

The site blueprint is then read by your browser and rendered to be displayed on your screen. And that in its simplest form is the web design process.

I am . Web designer from 2001. Web developer since 2006. And since 2014, a Salesforce/OrchestraCMS web engineer. I look forward to the opportunity to impress you as your next web developer.


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